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Meeting #9

Today’s meeting covered a number of issues that I am having with the ethical clearance documentation and the methods section in general.

Whilst attempting to write up the ethical clearance documentation and supply as much of the materials as I could for the research committee, I realised that I have to know what I am doing in order to write out the protocols and the structure and design of the participatory design workshops. In attempting to ascertain the best way forward, I have had to do a lot of reading on a number of topics.

1. Mobile usability testing.

There is not an awful of of good literature on this subject, probably because this type of testing is still in its infancy.  I did however find a guerila approach by Harry Brignall (of Dark Patterns fame) which I think may work.

2. Usability Testing (in general)

For these sessions (probably towards the end of the design phases of the web sites) there will be no workshops – instead I will have to spend a couple of days usability testing either at KU or locally to the participant. This is a shame as it means I will lose some time completing other activities, but it can’t be helped as I cannot usability test en masse.

3. Recruitment (and general anxiety over any unproven methods)

I have also been reading up about methods used in recruitment of pregnant women (mainly to clinically based trials) and how effective they have been. I have interested in using social networking and other forms of online advertising, forums etc as well as print media and the good old poster and leaflet. However many of these methods are not been used with the recruitment of pregnant women before and I felt worried about using them. However Martin said that if it seems logically sensible to use a method that may seem suitable (based on existing literature) then to try it (but justify it).

4. Justifications.

How much to justify in the method section? So far I have scribbled notes on why I have chosen the elements of my method, but Martin suggested perhaps only the novel (or unproven) strategies be justified so that the method section is not the length of a book.

5. Teaching.

We had a discussion about the teaching module and assessment for it. I explained the observation role that Martin would have to undertake. I also discussed how I was going to change the exisitng material, content and approach of the lecture and workshop to accomodate various different learning styles and academic criteria.  We decided that come September I would have some more workshops to teach so that I could continue with the next stage of the PGCE. Undertaking this module has also entailed a lot of reading as I try to get to grips with a the concept of reflection, learning theories, wider issues within education.

We have decided to meet again on the 16th of March.

Work to be done for the next meeting.

1. Completed participatory design protocol notes.

2. Completed recruitment material for participatory design workshops.

3. Peer and supervisor observation will have completed; feedback on those and view reflections on observations.




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